Adva Biton
Adva BitonYoni Kempinski

The mother of toddler Adelle Bitton, who was almost killed by a rock thrown by an Arab terorist at her car, was moved to tears as she spoke to students about the power of prayer.

Adva Bitton spoke Monday evening at an event for mothers and daughters, marking the anniversary of the passing of the biblical Matriarch Rachel, at the Yakir religious elementary school for girls in Samaria.

The Matriarch Rachel, whose life is described in the book of Genesis (Bereishit), was married to the PatriarchJacob and mothered  the two youngest of his twelve sons, Joseph and Benjamin.

During the evening, the girls studied texts and prepared gift packages for IDF soldiers. School principal Dalia Ruben had invited Adva Bitton, the mother of three year-old Adelle, to address the girls and their mothers.

Adelle was severely injured seven months ago, when terrorists threw rocks at the vehicle she was traveling in, near the city of Ariel. Originally the resulting  car crash had been thought to blame for her injuries, until an investigation showed a large rock had hit Adelle, then two years old. Following months in which she remained unconscious, Adelle has made a remarkable recovery, and has been transferred from hospital to a special rehabilitation unit where she is progressing well.

Adva and two other daughters were also moderately injured in the terror attack. Both girls are pupils at the school and also attended the event.

Adva moved the girls greatly when she said:

"Your prayer (tefila) helps, don't stop praying. You see," Adva said pointing to her daughter, "Adelle has responded, look she's eating a candy, and the doctors didn't give her more than 24 hours."

Afterwards, Adva read an emotional prayer attributed to the Matriarch Rachel and burst into tears.

School Principal Dalia Rubin said, "Adva gave us inspiration and courage, she is a wonderful example of a devoted mother," adding, "we hope to see Adelle move up to first grade with the other girls her age…and that her parents will see much pleasure from her."

Gershon Mesika, Head of the Regional Council of Samaria also in attendance, said, "All of Samaria and the Jewish people are praying for little Adelle," adding "the great strength shown by Adelle's family reminds us all to raise our heads high and not to give in to terror where ever it may be."

In  March of this year, the Bitton family turned to the public for a renewed effort in praying for Adelle who has already undergone two head operations.

Her full Hebrew name is Adelle Chaya Bat (daughter of) Adva. The family has added the middle name Chaya, meaning "life", to the child's name, as is the Jewish custom in the case of life-threatening injuries or illnesses..