PM Netanyahu at UN Assembly
PM Netanyahu at UN AssemblyFlash 90

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is not letting up the pressure.

At a speech to Jewish Federation leaders and supporters, Netanyahu brushed aside skepticism over his push to convince world leaders to thwart Iran's nuclear weapons program.

to rapturous applause, he maintained that it was "not too late," and revealed that he found it "exceedingly easy" to convince policy-makers of his arguments not to be fooled by Iranian President Rouhani's gestures, saying there must be no let up in pressure on the regime in Tehran until it gave up its nuclear weapons plans.

The key, he said, was simple: just tell the truth, and people will "get it."

The PM once against reiterated his call for leaders to reject "partial deals" with the Iranian government, and said that international sanctions must continue until Iran ceases enriching uranium.

"If they continue, continue the sancitons. [If] they strengthen their program, you strengthen the sanctions" he said, addressing the international community.

Emphasizing that the Iranian issue is not simply a regional one, Netanyahu ended by insisting that putting an end to the Iranian nuclear threat "is critical for the security of the world."