Obama and Netanyahu at Monday's meeting
Obama and Netanyahu at Monday's meetingEliran Aharon

US President Barack Obama urged Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in their meeting Monday to advance more quickly in the negotiations with the Palestinian Authority (PA), reports Haaretz daily newspaper.

The issues include final borders of a PA state, a solution for Jerusalem, and solution for PA "refugees."

A senior official in the US administration told the newspaper that besides discussing the Iranian threat, the two leaders spoke at length about the Israeli-Palestinian issue. Obama told Netanyahu that he appreciates the difficult steps he took in order to renew the negotiations – especially the release of terrorist prisoners.

In his speech before the UN General Assembly last Tuesday, Obama said that both the Israeli-Palestinian peace process and Iran would make up the primary diplomatic initiatives in his second term as president.

"Friends of Israel, including the US, must say clearly that its future depends on the creation of a Palestinian state," Obama told the Assembly.

"The Palestinian people have a right to live in dignity in their own state," he added. "The US will always support Israel... as a Jewish state," he stated.