A video shot by police Wednesday shows how Arab Muslims defile their own mosque on the Temple Mount by turning it into a battleground.

The video shows police apparently preparing to break into a mosque but preferring to stand safely behind the door and let the Muslims who are holed up inside throw the rocks they have accumulated.

The police are well protected behind shields but the rocks are obviously thrown with great force.

Dozens of Jews who hoped to ascend to the Temple Mount for the holiday of Hoshana Raba Wednesday encountered, instead, a police refusal to let them in, rock-throwing Arabs and the sound of stun grenades.

The Temple Mount Movements reported that after barring hundreds of Jews from entering the Mount Tuesday, local police commander Avi Biton promised to allow free access to Jews Wednesday. However, overnight, rumors began to spread concerning the intention of radical Muslims to spend the night on the Mount and prevent police from opening it up properly for visitors.

Wednesday morning, the Jews who arrived at the gates at the appointed hour for entering found them locked. An hour passed, and the gates were open, but stun grenades were heard popping – as sign of conflict between the police and Muslims.

The Temple Mount is Judaism's holiest site, and the location of the two Holy Temples of Jerusalem. Despite that fact, in the face of pressure and threats of violence by Muslim extremists, the Israeli authorities enforce a ban on Jewish prayer or other religious rituals, on behalf of the Waqf Islamic trust, which administers the site.

Numerous court rulings have stipulated that Jews must be permitted to pray on the Temple Mount as a basic right to freedom of religion. Nevertheless, the Israeli police force has repeatedly ignored the rulings, citing unspecified "security concerns" as a pretext to continue enforcing the ban, and even barring religious Jews from the area for days or even weeks at a time.