Attack in the clinic
Attack in the clinicScreenshot

A Jewish man who came to see a doctor at a health clinic in an Arab town last week was viciously attacked by a local Arab for no apparent reason.

Security camera footage from the incident, at a health clinic in the northern village of Ibillin, shows the Jew sitting in the waiting room, minding his own business and not even looking at the Arab man.

The Arab man gets up, walks toward the Jew and punches him hard in the side of the head. The Jew falls writhing to the floor. Men who were present in the clinic escort the attacker to a seat in the room, and then help the Jewish man out of the room. No one seems overly perturbed.

The Jewish man was taken to a hospital for treatment.

Attorney Itamar Ben Gvir, who represents the man who was beaten, said in response that it is easy to imagine what would have happened if the picture had been reversed and a Jew had attacked an Arab in a Jewish town: “President Peres would have issued a harsh denouncement, Tzipi Livni would have proposed new laws and the chief rabbis would have come to visit. But when a Jew is attacked, it's as if nothing happened and hypocrisy rules. We demand that the full force of the law be brought against the attacker and I recommend to the victim to file a civil suit.”