President Barack Obama
President Barack ObamaReuters

As a leading scholar in the field of public diplomacy, Professor Eytan Gilboa has said Obama has mishandled the situation in Syria and potential negotiations with Iran.

Arutz Sheva met this week with Gilboa, the Director of the Center for International Communication at Bar-Ilan University, who has made it clear that "time is running out" for United States President Barak Obama to diplomatically handle the crisis in the Middle East. 

"Everybody agrees that this is going to be the time for decision, otherwise, if nothing is going to be done, Iran will become a nuclear power. Obama has shown in the chemical weapons crisis in Syria that what he promises may not really become policy," Gilboa said.

Gilboa stated that "there are very serious question about his [Obama's] commitment to stop nuclear Iran by all means, including military force if necessary." He went on to say that Israel may find itself alone in the last effort to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power. 

"Israel can only rely on itself as a potential response to Obama's mishandling the crisis in Syria and his potential mishandling of the negotiations with Iran."