Uzi Dayan
Uzi DayanIsrael news photo: Flash 90

As Israeli leaders continue to react to American prevarication on Syria, one former IDF commander has summed up the general mood.

"We have no one to rely upon except for God and our veteran troops," said former IDF General Uzi Dayan, attacking US President Barack Obama’s decision to postpone action on Syria until an official approval from Congress. 

Dayan’s comments were featured on his Facebook page on Sunday, opening with a statement saying that the Israeli government should “continue with its sensible policies” of refraining from a Syrian intervention unless the conflict were to spill in Israel’s direction.  

Regarding Israel's relationship with the United States, Dayan pointed out that Israel should “strengthen the unity of values, strategic coordination, and mutual respect for one another, and to not divide the American and Zionist common mission.”

Yet Dayan echoed many other Israeli politicians' concerns that Iran is closely lurking and waiting for any signs of weakness in Israeli and American. 

Summing up, Dayan asserted that Israel can only rely on itself for security.

“The strategic conclusion is not surprising, that is: ‘if I am not for myself, who will be for me’?" he said, paraphrasing the well-known Jewish proverb. 

“And to my fellow brothers in Israel [I say]: return the gas masks to storage, regain our senses, and rebuild our society and our country. Let us prepare for the upcoming Rosh Hashanah [Jewish New Year] which should be a blessed one upon us.”