Is peace here? It apparently was, for a minute at least, in a Hevron nightclub.

A highly unusual video posted to Youtube shows IDF soldiers taking part in a nightclub dance in Hevron. The soldiers are reportedly from the Givati brigade and they can be seen hoisted on the shoulders of revelers, as a variation on the song “Gangnam Style” is being played. The event reportedly took place at an Arab wedding celebration.

Arutz Sheva has learned that the soldiers involved have been temporarily suspended from taking part in operational activities and that the matter is under IDF investgation.

David Ha'ivri of the Shomron Liaison Office said that the video shows “the theater of the absurd” of the Middle East.

“While Arab soldiers are killing Arab civilians in Syria and Egypt, Israeli soldiers are dancing with Arab youth in Hevron, he observed. “It makes you think that the that maybe the never ending peace negotiations with the PLO are superfluous.

He also gleaned a political observation from the video: “If Arab youths in Hevron dance with Israeli soldiers on their shoulders,” he said, “obviously American and EU pressure on Israel are not required to force the sides to live peacefully here.”

This is not the first time IDF soldiers have gotten in trouble for dancing in Hevron. In 2010, Nahal soldiers were put on trial after they created a viral video by dancing in Hevron's casbah.