IDF tanks in the Golan
IDF tanks in the GolanIsrael news photo: Flash 90

Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon spoke about the possibility of an international intervention in Syria during the Kalkalist conference Wednesday.

“What we’re seeing today in Syria is part of a historic, once-in-100-years event,” he declared.

“We are not involved, and we are not getting involved,” he added.

“Syria crossed a red line drawn by the United States, by using chemical weapons against civilians. The pictures are terrible, the pictures are awful. Humanity cannot accept this reality – but the one dealing with this matter is not us, it is the Western world, led by the United States,” he said.

Yaalon continued, “This morning in the Cabinet meeting we had a balanced, responsible discussion led by the Prime Minister, the bottom line being, that we are preparing, we are ready and we are taking the appropriate steps.”

Israel is taking care to avoid panic or escalation of the situation, he said. “We need to prepare, but also to continue going about our daily lives,” he added.

Yaalon repeated his earlier warning that Israel will respond to any attack. “As we have said in recent days, we don’t have an itchy trigger finger, but if anyone near us thinks they can challenge us with some threat, they will of course face our full might in response to any attempt to attack us and our citizens.”