The Israel Defense Force spokespersons office has released a video of the ambush on IDF soldiers in Jenin in which one terrorist was killed.

In the video, an elite IDF soldier states, "a very violent riot erupted there. We were faced with armed combatants who shot at us from behind covers and roof tops. We responded with fire. One of the terrorists was killed. Two others were injured and evacuated by the Red Cresent."

The grainy black-and white footage shows the soldiers shouting for pedestrians to stay out of the way as they rush in to take down the terrorists.

The spokespersons office explained, "In the course of a joint IDF and Israel Border Police operational activity in Jenin, in which security forces sought to arrest a terror suspect, a violent riot developed, during which terrorists fired at and threw incendiary devices, improvised grenades and rocks at the security forces. Two soldiers were injured as a result.

"The force returned fire at the source of the shooting and according to reports one terrorist was killed and two more lightly injured. A suspect was arrested and transferred to security forces for questioning.

"The IDF will continue to act against terror in any place whenever necessary."