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Illustration: bulletsFlash 90

Four men from the Israeli Bedouin town of Kfar Tuba have been arrested for allegedly stealing machine gun ammunition from an IDF range in the Golan.

The detainees are all in their 20s. One is a 22-year-old IDF soldiers, while another is a 24-year-old who is currently serving time in Shata prison.

The suspects had their remands extended Sunday in a hearing in the Nazareth Magistrate’s Court.

There have been multiple instances of theft at IDF bases in northern Israel in recent months. Thieves broke into the Naftali base next to Golani intersection in June of this year, tied up a soldier and escaped with his personal weapon.

A similar theft occurred at the same base a few months earlier. Then, too, thieves broke in, bound the soldier guarding the area, and escaped with weapons.

Military police suspect that the thieves had help from inside the base.