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Jewish WeddingArutz Sheva

Nefesh B’Nefesh has announced the winners of their new aliyah contest, the “Wedding Gift Challenge”, awarding 25 newlyweds prizes to help start their new life in Israel.

Nefesh B’Nefesh sought to encourage young American couples to discuss aliyah by enticing them to enter a social media-based contest to win prizes including a sum of $10,000. All the contestants had to do was share their story and dreams of aliyah on their online profiles and earn the maximum votes in order to win.

The couples also had to agree to make aliyah in 2013 to be eligible to enter the contest.

The winners of the grand prize were Melody Mostow and Avi Coven from Pittsburgh, PA. The couple received nearly 10,000 votes from supporters online and won $10k to assist their move to Israel.

“This whirlwind of getting married, winning $10,000, and making aliyah, all within 23 days, is incredible to say the least,” said Melody.

Melody and Avi, who began their romance volunteering in the southern town of Yerucham, will be getting married this coming week.

“This month is simply bursting with amazing blessings, simchas, and opportunities, and for that, we are truly at a loss for words to fully explain our excitement and gratitude,” added Melody.

The other contestants also walked away with handsome prizes such as a $1,000 IKEA shopping spree, a private tour of an Israeli vineyard, and gift certificates for appliances for their new homes.

The public voting and social media outreach around this contest have generated a list of hundreds of North American Jews interested in making aliyah.

Through "This is my Israel" contests, Nefesh B’Nefesh hopes to increase awareness and conversations about aliyah by providing practical information from olim [immigrants] and interactive online resources to those interested in moving to Israel.