Hightened security in Yemen
Hightened security in YemenReuters

An Al-Qaeda linked terrorist group killed five soldiers in Yemen in an attack Sunday, Yemeni authorities have reported.

The soldiers were responsible for security at the Balhaf terminal. Most of Yemen’s gas exports pass through the terminal.

A spokesman told AFP that Al-Qaeda has also plotted an attack on the Canadian-run Mina al-Dhaba oil terminal and a nearby export facility.

The attack came one day after the latest United States drone strike in the country. The strike, near the city of Aden, killed two people believed to be Al-Qaeda terrorists.

The U.S. has killed a total of 38 suspected terrorists over the past two weeks.

The U.S. embassy in Sanaa, in Yemen, remains closed following a terror alert. All other Middle East U.S. embassies have been reopened.