Nevo Simulator
Nevo SimulatorIDF Spokesperson

The “Nevo Firing Range,” a new simulator that has been adopted by the Israel Navy, will allow soldiers and sailors to conduct very accurate close and long range firing using the latest weapons in the IDF's arsenal – without wasting a bullet, missile, or laser beam. The Nevo is the latest in top-flight military simulators, using the latest in graphics technology and processing, allowing soldiers to truly feel as if they are practicing in the field.

A top Israeli Navy official testified that the system was much better than “real” field training.

“The simulator saves us tens of thousands of shekels per soldier annually,” the official said. “Besides the cost of ammunition, each field practice requires a major logistical effort, including transporting troops, rescue vehicles, and equipment. The simulator allows us to dispense with all of this.”

Can a simulator replace field practice? The Navy says it can; soldiers enter into the simulator and are faced with a variety of threats and missions, just like they would be in the field. Soldiers who have used the system say that it is very realistic, and that the training they received was just as effective as they would have received with actual field training, if not more so.

“In field practice we have to follow a lot of safety rules, which many soldiers feel do not allow for a true battlefield experience,” said one soldier who has used the system. “With the simulator, you feel and can act and react as if you are truly facing the enemy, without having to worry about friendly-fire safety considerations.”

The Navy is the first IDF corps to get to use the system, but other divisions plan to use it as well.