Quds Day, Ontario, 2013
Quds Day, Ontario, 2013Shalom Toronto

About 300 Canadian Shiite Muslims gathered Saturday north of the legislature of Ontario to celebrate Al-Quds Day, first initiated by Ayatollah Khomeini as a global annual event intended to demonstrate the unwavering Islamic commitment to "liberate Palestine" -- i.e., to destroy Israel and replace it with a Muslim state.

Expert and blogger Jonathan Dahoah Halevi, who witnessed the event, wrote afterward that “Besides the regular and expected manifestation of hatred towards Israel (“From the river to the sea Palestine will be free”, “IsraelHell” etc.) and Zionism (“Down with Zionism”) demonstrators proudly carried and waved the flags of Iran, Syria, Hizbullah and Palestine, the flag of the Mahdi (Muslim Messiah) as well as pictures of Ayatollah Khomeini.”

The staunch support for Iran, Syria and Hizbullah was not dampened by the fact that all three parties are accomplices in the horrendous genocide of the Sunni Muslim community in Syria, Halevi noted.

These facts also did not appear to bother “radical leftists, Jews and non Jews, who alongside with Neturei Karta, attended Al-Quds Day rally to express their endorsement of its messages and goals, including the destruction of the State of Israel,” he wrote.

However, he added, prominent leaders of the Canadian Sunni Muslim community did not attend this year's Al-Quds Day rally, most probably because of the war crimes carried out by the Assad regime of Syria with the full military support of Iran, Iraq, Hizbullah and Shiite volunteers from other countries worldwide.