A video that appears to be from 2004 shows that current U.S. mediator in the “peace process,” Martin Indyk, was dreadfully wrong in his assessments regarding the results to be expected from Israel's decision to pull out of Gaza.

The pullout, which was formally called “the Disengagement,” was carried out in 2005 and led, just two years later, to a takeover of Gaza by the Hamas genocidal terror group.

Indyk, who was a former U.S. ambassador to Israel, was exceedingly optimistic, however, regarding the result of the planned pullout by Israel.

“A unilateral withdrawal from Gaza will set a very important precedent that will give a boost to the process,” he told a Channel 2 interviewer. “Hopefully it will also give a boost to the process of producing a new Palestinian leadership that is more responsible and capable and legitimate, perhaps new elections there, and I do think that if the United States remains engaged in this process... and works with the Palestinians to try and build up a Palestinian partner, that this can be a springboard for a viable Palestinian negotiating process that can, in the end, resolve the process.”

None of these predictions came to pass, of course, and instead of “a responsible Palestinian leadership,” Hamas took over Gaza, which bacame a base for incessant terror rocket attacks on Israel. 

Indyk is now apparently hoping that an Israeli pullout from Judea and Samaria will solve the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, in much the same way he hoped the Gaza pullout would lead to positive results. The video shows, however, that his predictions nine years ago were completely divorced from reality and dangerously naïve.