Illustration: US Dept. for Homeland Security
Illustration: US Dept. for Homeland SecurityReuters

Israeli firm Comsec, which specializes in consulting on information security, has unveiled two new tools it developed for providing responses to growing cyber-threats: the ComSimulator, which makes it possible to actively rehearse various degrees of cyber attacks; and the Cyber Intelligence Hub, an intelligence center that provides information collection and analysis services enabling proactive security for organizations.

The ComSimulator lets organizations hold dynamic and active rehearsals in the face of existing cyber threats. It simulates a real life situation with a multiple event business environment, and assesses decision making processes. The ComSimulator is personally tailored to the organization's specifications and needs, including language, scenarios, business models and previous cyber attacks.

“In the modern cyber world, even sophisticated and innovative defense systems are not 100% foolproof,” explained Comsec Director Moshe Yishai. “The means of action keep on changing and are always being renovated – making attacks possible. The organizations face a situation that they cannot deal with. The ComSimulator makes it possible to train vis-a-vis the threat and rehearse extreme situations instead of trying to design a new strategy.”

The other tool unveiled by Comsec, the Cyber Intelligence Hub, is an intelligence center that collects and analyzes information in the world of cybertechnology and business. It can carry out an in-depth, unidentified search on the Web, collect information, monitor social networks, map out trends and more, in order to assist organizations in raising their levels of business and technological awareness, deal with threats, make decisions and optimize security strategies.

Shai Tzalalyachin, Comsec CTO, explained that “the assumption is that cyber attacks cannot be completely stopped, and therefore other means must be found to deal with them. Our intelligence center provides a solution that makes it possible to identify the threats in time, in a proactive and self-initiated way.”