Arrest by special forces (file)
Arrest by special forces (file)Nati Shochat, Flash 90

The IDF is engaged in an ongoing counter-terrorism push in the Bethlehem area, Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon revealed this weekend in response to an enquiry.

MK Nissim Zeev (Shas) had filed a parliamentary query regarding the IDF response to ongoing assaults at Kever Rachel in Bethlehem.

Terrorists have frequently attacked worshipers at the holy site – the burial place of the Biblical matriarch Rachel – located just minutes from Jerusalem. In some recent attacks terrorists have used makeshift grenades.

Danon revealed that new troops have been sent to the region to help prevent such attacks. A broad-based operation in the area has succeeded in reducing the frequency of terror assaults, he said.

The enhanced counter-terror activity in the area has led to “many arrests,” he reported.

“The IDF and security establishment will continue to act with determination to thwart security threats and to guarantee the safety of visitors to the holy site,” he concluded.