Arson in Tzipori
Arson in TziporiScreenshot

Volunteers from the 'New Israeli Guardians' (Hashomer Hachadash) organization assisted Jewish Galilee farmers in putting out a blaze in pasture lands. The blaze was set by Arabs who regularly attack the Jewish farmers, out of greed and nationalistic motivation.

Volunteers at Mitzpe Tzipori identified an arson attack at about 8:00 p.m. Monday. The fire began spreading in pasture land next to the village of Rumat Alhib.

The volunteers called fire fighters and helped them take control of the blaze.

However, 40 out of 50 dunams of pasture land were reportedly completely annihilated. Another arson attack took place near Mitzpe Sando (Tzipori) last week.

Hashomer Hachadash seeks volunteers to help safeguard Jewish land from attacks by Muslims.

Video is by the New Israeli Guardians.

The new Israeli guardians were founded by Yoel Zilberman and others, in response to the plight of farmers under attack from Arabs. Zilberman presented the group's goals in an address that has received numerous views. Its text appears in this link.