Selichot at the Kotel
Selichot at the KotelFlash 90

In an organized response to repeated provocations by the Women of the Wall, thousands of hareidim are expected to participate in a large scale prayer day at the Kotel Sunday.

The prayers will be led by numerous rabbis, including leading Torah sages.

Rabbanit Tviya Eliyahu, widow of Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu ztz”l, made clear Thursday that the Women of the Wall will not be allowed to pray with tallit and tefillin at the Kotel.

Despite the tone of determined protest that is accompanying the prayer session, the organizers asked Friday that only adults take part in the prayer day. They explained that younger “action seekers” caused damage to the struggle in the last confrontation with the Women of the Wall through rowdy behavior that caught the media's attention and gave the press an excuse for even more incitement against the entire hareidi public.

"The prayer is intended only for kollel students and adults, who will sanctify the Name of Heaven in their behavior and prayers,” organizers explained in an advertisement. “Young people are requested not to show up for the mass prayers that are being held at the request of our teachers and rabbis shlita, and at the same time, all efforts will be made to keep the fringe elements from carrying out unseemly deeds.”