Price tag vandalism (illustration)
Price tag vandalism (illustration)Flash 90

Vandals damaged property in two Arab towns in the Jordan Valley early on Wednesday morning. A total of nine cars were damaged by fire.

Graffiti at the scene linked the vandalism to the “price tag” movement, which targets Arab property in revenge for terrorist attacks.

“Thirty days for Evyatar, may G-d avenge his blood,” read one message, while a message in the other town said, “Hello from Evyatar, may G-d avenge his blood.” Thirty days ago a terrorist murdered 31-year-old Evyatar Borovsky in an attack at the Tapuach junction in Samaria (Shomron).

IDF soldiers are investigating the incident. “The IDF takes incidents such as these very seriously,” said a statement from the army.

The vandalism “distracts security forces from their primary goal of fighting terrorism and protecting citizens of the state of Israel, and erodes the relative stability in the region,” the statement warned.

A second “price tag” attack was reported in Jerusalem. Tires were punctured on seven cars, three in the Arab neighborhood of Shuafat and four nearby. Graffiti found on several of the cars read, “Jewish blood is not cheap” and “Revenge for Evyatar.”