A firefighter battles a blaze
A firefighter battles a blazeTazpit

Once again, Jerusalem firefighters who endangered their lives in order to prevent a blaze from reaching the homes of Arabs were greeted by those they sought to help with stones and firebombs. The attack was reminiscent of another one last week, in which one firefighter was injured as a crew tried to prevent a large fire from reaching Arab homes.

In the latest incident Monday afternoon, an Arab mob threw stones and firebombs at a firefighting crew dealing with a brush fire that broke out in the Atarot Industrial Zone in northern Jerusalem. The Industrial Zone is adjacent to a large Arab neighborhood. Had the crew not put out the fire, it is quite likely that a major blaze would have been set off in the residential area.

The firefighters found themselves under heavy attack, and were only able to leave the area under the protection of border guards. In order to safely evacuate the firefighters, the border guards were forced to open fire on the rioters. No one was injured, but one of the firetrucks sustained damage from the rioters.

In last week's incident, a firefighter was injured in an Arab riot as he and his crew tried to put out a fire that had broken next to the Arab village of Issawiya, Iwhich is within the municipal boundaries of Jerusalem. The firefighters were greeted by a large mob of Arabs, who pelted them with stones and bricks. The injured firefighter was taken to Hadassah's Mount Scopus Hospital for treatment. Police were called in to clear the area and allow the firefighters to continue putting out the blaze.