Two attackers with knives attacked a British soldier on a street in London Wednesday, killing him. The government is considering it a terror attack, a spokesperson said. The attack was captured on video, and clearly shows the terrorists with blood on their hands and what appears to be a large knife or machete in hand.

Eyewitnesses said that the attackers shouted Islamic slogans as they beheaded the man in broad daylight. The attackers were shot by police and arrested, and then taken to a London hospital for treatment. A television broadcast showed one of the attackers saying that they were Muslim fighters who “would never stop attacking you. We are doing this because Muslims are dying every day.”

The British government held an emergency meeting Wednesday evening. Security has been increased at British army and police posts around the country.

Leaders of the Muslim community in London asked the public not to blame all Muslims for the attack by “fanatics,” whom the community rejects, they claimed.