Jo AMar with Lubavicher Rebbe
Jo AMar with Lubavicher RebbeCourtesy of the family

Four years after the death of Joe Amar, his son and grandson spoke to Arutz Sheva and voiced their hope that the family would make aliyah to Israel.

Born in Settat, Morocco, Amar became one of the greatest Sephardic singers and chazanim (cantors) in recent Jewish history, and a pioneer in the introduction of Moroccan Jewish liturgical music (piyyutim) to Israel.

Many of his songs became huge hits in Israel – including "Yismach Moshe," "The Drunkard's Song," "Shalom Leven Dodi," "The Prisoner" and "Barcelona."

In the 1970s he lived in New York, from which he moved to Los Angeles.

His son, David, voiced the hope that the family would make aliyah to Israel, while the grandson, Shachar, reminisced about his unique grandfather.