Arabs riot on 'Nakba Day'
Arabs riot on 'Nakba Day'Flash 90

Two of the four soldiers who were hospitalized in an attack on an IDF unit near Hevron were released Wednesday night, but two are still being treated. The four were injured when Arabs attacked an IDF jeep with firebombs in the village of Hursa, near Hevron, during the Shavuot holiday Wednesday, causing it to overturn and catch fire. Two of the soldiers were treated for second and third degree burns, while the other two were slightly hurt. The soldiers were taken to hospital in Beersheva for treatment.

It was part of the Arabs' marking of "Nakba Day" on Wednesday – the day of the Middle Eastern Arab countries' overwhelming defeat in the concerted attempt to commit genocide against the Jews of the Land of Israel in 1948.

Chen Dreinoff, the wife of one of the injured soldiers, told Arutz Sheva in an interview that her husband had said that one of the firebombs thrown at them had gotten inside the jeep. The driver lost control and the vehicle flipped over twice, she said. The soldiers tried to get out of the vehicle, but were pummeled by rocks thrown by Arabs, in the knowledge that current legal orders prohibit soldiers from firing at rock throwers, until IDF forces arrived to save them.

“It was a great miracle” that her husband only suffered burns in the incident, she said, adding her hopes that the army would “know how to answer these kinds of attacks, which take place too often in Judea and Samaria.”