JerusalemFlash 90

Four Members of Knesset from the Yesh Atid faction took a guided tour of Jerusalem on Thursday with the Geneva Initiative group, an organization dedicated to promoting its proposed accord between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

MK Ruth Calderon shared her thoughts on the tour on Facebook on Sunday morning, under the heading, “Things I learned from the Geneva Initiative Tour last Thursday.”

“The proposed border includes the overwhelming majority – 90% - of the settlements!” Calderon wrote.

She also wrote about the separation barrier that has been built through much of Judea, Samaria (Shomron) and Jerusalem. “The separation barrier was built after serious advance thought by Rabin and Sharon regarding logical potential solutions for Jerusalem,” she wrote.

“During previous talks there was a lot of progress, we have someone to talk to,” Calderon added.

She concluded, “Our participation in the tour will be kept quiet because it isn’t news for those who wrote about us not taking part. Oh well.” Calderon was apparently referring to media coverage of Yesh Atid’s decision not to participate in a previous Geneva Initiative event.

The Geneva Initiative has gained popularity in Europe, where several countries have agreed to give it funding. However, the Palestinian Authority has strongly objected to the group’s suggested accord, and Israeli leaders have accused the group of undermining genuine negotiations.