Aviva and Parents
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Mind Theater is a multi-layered cinematic digital audio production, designed to fire the imagination of sighted and visually impaired children of all ages. The experience is similar to watching a Disney movie, but allowing the child’s mind to create the pictures. It is the brainchild of L.C. Krainess, who realized that there was a shortage of entertainment options for sight-impaired children when his daughter almost lost her sight.

His company, Aviva Productions, is led by 12-year-old “Chief Visionary Officer” Aviva Krainess, who for the past 6 years has battled lupus - a chronic, incurable autoimmune disease, multiple life-threatening strokes and seizures, nearly crippling arthritis, paralysis, debilitating pain, total sight loss in her left eye and almost total sight loss in her right eye - and has come up smiling. Her involvement in Mind Theater has helped her to overcome her limitations and share her imagination and creativity, in collaboration with professional writers, actors and sound engineers.

Aviva tells her story and explains the concept of Mind Theater in an animated video which has spread on social media worldwide, including a sneak preview of their first production.

“The Emperor’s Secret” is the first Mind Theater production, funded by donors through a crowd- funding campaign, which has currently raised 95% of its $20,000 budget. Once the outstanding $1,000 has been raised, the audio production team will finalize their 50-minute audio track and release it in various downloadable formats by the end of May.

Aviva and her father want to benefit as many visually impaired children as possible, so they are donating “The Emperor’s Secret” to visually impaired children around the world – one free copy is donated for every $5 donated to the project. Jewish families and individuals around the world are being urged to pre-order or make a donation in order to kick-start this project, receive their own downloadable copy of the digital presentation, other incentives and also donate copies to blind children.

L.C. Krainess explains: “We are striving to create wholesome entertainment with positive role models and important life messages, while captivating the listener with Disney quality stories, acting, and effects, all influenced by Aviva’s unique insight and positivity.”

“The Emperor’s Secret” is hosted by The Mercava - a non-profit that assists organizations and individuals in turning creative ideas into reality, and facilitates collaborations in the creation of Jewish learning experiences.

To see Aviva’s video, hear the Mind Theater trailer or for more information about Aviva’s project click here.