Mitzpeh Evyatar demolished
Mitzpeh Evyatar demolishedHakol Hayehudi

Security forces in large numbers demolished early on Friday morning Mitzpeh Evyatar, a new Samaria (Shomron) outpost that had been set up in memory of Evyatar Borovsky, who was murdered in a terrorist attack this week.

Locals reported that the security forces arrived at approximately four in the morning and that, in addition to demolishing the outpost, they confiscated cameras and cellular phones.

Also demolished was the office of the head of the Shomron Regional Council, Gershon Mesika, who moved his offices to the Tapuach Junction, where Borovsky was murdered, and had been running the Council from there.

Responding to the late night demolition, Mesika said on Friday, "This is a cowardly operation carried out in the middle of the night by General Nitzan Alon, who was behind the opening of security barriers, who relies on the terrorists in uniforms known as the Palestinian police and who gives the soldiers instructions that prevent them from responding – all of which has caused an upsurge in terrorism.”

"He who cannot protect the Jews and is afraid to confront the Palestinian Authority, is a hero over mourning Jews in the dead of night, during the Shiva,” he added.

The demolition was also condemned by the community of Yitzhar, where Borovosky resided. “If you do not let Evyatar’s neighbors to engage in a positive action such as settlement, it is no wonder that the anger and bitterness about the murder of Jews may push people to different kind of protest actions,” said Yitzhar residents.

"The conduct of the IDF and the police, who chose to destroy the outpost like thieves in the middle of the night, is an insult and a fatal blow to Evyatar’s memory and to the community of Yitzhar. We call on the public to come and help rebuild the outpost.”

Yesha Council Chairman Avi Roeh protested the predawn destruction, saying, "This act hurts the feelings of the family and residents. The insensitivity of the decision makers who ordered the demolition of the place in the days of Shiva screams to the heavens, especially in light of the agreements to leave this point [on the map] until the end of the Shiva."

Housing Minister Uri Ariel said that the demolition "is unacceptable and worthy of all condemnation."

Ariel continued, "The government of Israel will react to the despicable murder with an appropriate Zionist response, and I expect that the security forces, instead of taking action against Jews, will take action to prevent harm to them by evil-doers."

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