Fereydoon Abbasi Davani, head of Iran's Atomi
Fereydoon Abbasi Davani, head of Iran's AtomiAFP file

A top security source told Channel Ten that despite appearances to the contrary, Israel's military option on Iran was very much alive, and that Iran was reaching the point where construction of a nuclear weapon was within reach.

The official, whose identity was kept under wraps, is considered a highly placed, highly reliable source. The official said that Iran has in recent months “dramatically” increased its uranium enrichment capabilities, the result of the installation of new centrifuges. With the new equipment, Iran should be able to soon enrich as much as 200 kilos of uranium. With that amount, the source said, Iran would be able to easily equip a nuclear arsenal.

The decision on whether Iran will go in this direction is in the hands of Iran's spiritual leader, Ali Khamenei. Israel has excellent intelligence on what is going on in Iran and is aware of the danger of the current situation, the source said. “If we see they are moving towards the 'red line' of nuclear capability, all options are on the table – even before they reach this point.”

The official made the comments in light of the analysis by former IDF Intelligence chief Amos Yadlin last weekend, who said that in his estimation Iran had already passed that 'red line.' According to the official, Iran “has not yet crossed the line, but is getting closer to it methodically.” The official also commented on the speech made by Ehud Olmert last weekend in New York, in which the former prime minister minimized the Iranian threat. Olmert said that “I, too, know how to evaluate the dangers. The threat has been greatly exaggerated in statements by the government, and large sums of money have been spent on strange missions that should not have taken place.”

The official slammed Olmert for his comments. “How does he dare to minimize the Iranian threat, and to do in abroad? He is hurting Israel's ability to recruit others around the world against the Iranian threat,” the official added.