An Arab terrorist armed with a knife stabbed an Israeli at the Tapuach junction in Shomron (Samaria) on Tuesday morning.

The terrorist stabbed the victim, identified as Evyatar.Borovsky, in the upper body, wounding him critically.

The terrorist then grabbed his gun and fired at the Border Police who were stationed in the area. Border Police officers fired back, wounding the perpetrator.

Magen David Adom teams arrived at the scene and tried to revive the 31-year-old Israeli father of five from the Yitzhar, but pronounced him dead on the spot.

Evyatar was an actor who appeared in various theater productions and also worked in Yitzhar, where he lived. One of three brothers, he was raised in the village of Kfar Hassidim in the Zebulun Valley and will be buried there this evening.

The Tapuach junction in Samaria has known many attacks. The last one stabbing attack occurred in mid-January, when a terrorist stabbed a 17-year-old-boy near the checkpoint.

Gershon Mesika, head of Shomron Regional Authority, speaking on Radio Kol Chai reminded listeners of critically injured Adelle Biton, aged 3, who has not woken from the coma caused by a rock that hit her while she was riding in her mother's car last month. "The terrorist had no problem getting to the junction with a weapon now that the IDF dismantled so many checkposts in recent weeks... the IDF can easily bring quiet to the area if it is allowed to by political echelons...the Palestinian Authority gets tens of millions of shekels from us every month and is behind every terrorist act," he said.

A Border Police force chased the attacker and managed to stop him from escaping the scene of the attack. The terrorist, a resident of  a village near Tul Karem, was turned over to security forces for questioning.