SamariaFlash 90

Arabs in two cars tried to run an Israeli car off the road in Maaleh Efraim, located between the Samaria region and the Jordan Valley, on Thursday. A Samaria Police force that was conducting undercover activity in the area foiled their attempted crime and arrested them.

Equipment for breaking into cars was found in one of the cars and police believe that the men arrested were trying to carry out a carjacking.

A security source in the Binyamin Authority told Arutz Sheva that police treat attacks like these as criminally motivated, but in fact, they are terror attacks. "The Palestinians have discovered a new system that looks like a criminal act at first, but can devolve into a terror act in a matter of seconds," said the source.

Less than four weeks ago, a car with an Israeli driver was attacked by an Arab car that rammed it from behind, on the Adam-Atarot road. Four Arabs came out of the car, punctured its tires, broke its front window and ran off.

The attackers usually prefer women as their victims.