Chief of Staff Benny Gantz
Chief of Staff Benny GantzFlash 90

The security coordination between Israel and Egypt has not only continued despite the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood to power but has even gotten better, IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz said on Tuesday.

Speaking to Army Radio in a special interview in honor of Independence Day, Gantz said that “the security coordination between Israel and Egypt has improved, in some aspects, following the change of government in Cairo.”

Gantz also referred to the situation in Gaza following Israel’s counterterrorism Operation Pillar of Defense.

“The results of Pillar of Defense - both in terms of the quiet in the south and in terms of the cooperation with the Egyptians - are pleasantly surprising to me,” said the Chief of Staff.

Hillel Frisch of Bar Ilan University’s Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies told Arutz Sheva on Monday that Egypt is largely responsible for helping to maintain the cease fire between Israel and Hamas terrorist-run Gaza.

He said that Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi has been a very active advocate of keeping the peace, and that over the past several months, Egypt’s Army Corps of Engineers has flooded dozens of tunnels used to smuggle arms and other contraband from the Sinai into Gaza near Rafiah.

In Tuesday’s interview Gantz also referred to a possible cut in the defense budget, saying, "Cutting the defense budget will collect its toll. The government of Israel bears the responsibility for Israel’s defense and I do things the best I can on its behalf.”

He added, “If there will be a proper budget - there will be an appropriate response. If the budget is cut - there will still be an appropriate response but with a more painful price."