Memorial Day
Memorial DayFlash 90

Minister Naftali Bennett, head of the Bayit Yehudi (Jewish Home) party, sent a message Sunday to the families of fallen IDF soldiers. On Sunday night, Memorial Day will begin.

Bennett wrote:

"Dear families,

In another few hours, the entire nation of Israel will bow their heads in memory of your loved ones who did not return from the field of battle, from the military operation, from guarding us. At these times the state of Israel goes back to being one big family… In every place the flag will fly at half mast, in every home heads will bow.

There is not one of us who does not know a friend, a relative or a fellow soldier who did not return alive from his mission. I, too, like so many in Israel, lost friends, true friends. We continued our lives, we built families, had children, and they stayed there.

Today we go back to being one big family, because each of the fallen was one of us, who gave his life for us, like only family is able, to protect his family and his loved ones.

Our enemies already understand this. They attack us wherever they can, soldiers, children, the elderly, just because we our Jews, just because we are Israeli, because they know we are one big family. They see that as our weakness. They are wrong. That is our strength.

When Memorial Day is over, you, dear families, will return to your lives, which never went back to what they were, to the tremendous hole that was torn in your hearts and remains empty. In these moments I promise that during daily life, too, we will do whatever we can to remain one big family.

We will work with all our strength to end the dialog of hate, polarization and division, so that we return from the sacred time of Memorial Day to our daily lives more unified. Your sons and daughters are worthy of this.

I promise that we, the Israeli leadership, will do everything in our power to protect our beloved country, so that your children’s deaths will not be in vain.

What is left for us is to remember your loved ones, to be with you and to stay together… Like one big family.

May their memories be blessed."