Peace Island
Peace IslandIsrael news photo: Flash 90

An internet petition is calling upon Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to take action to prevent the release of the Jordanian who cold-bloodedly gunned down seven Jewish schoolgirls at Naharayim in 1997. 

A total of 110 out of 150 members of the lower house of Jordan's parliament signed a petition to free Ahmed Musa Dakamsa, who is serving a life sentence for the multiple murders in a Jordanian jail. The Jordanian justice minister, too, has voiced support for releasing Dakamsa, calling him "a hero."

The families of the murdered girls have asked the public to assist them in preventing the release of Dakamsa.

On March 13, 1997, Dakamsa – who was a Jordanian soldier – opened fire on a group of girls from the 7th and 8th grades, from the Amit religious school in Beit Shemesh. The girls were on an annual field trip to the "Peace Island" park at Naharayim.  The park, located just inside the Jordanian side of the border between Israel and Jordan, was established in 1994, after the countries signed a peace treaty in the wake of the Oslo Accords.

Dakamsa fired two full magazines of bullets before his weapon jammed and other soldiers overpowered him. Besides killing seven girls, he wounded six others, two of them seriously.

Following the murders, Jordan's King Hussein visited Beit Shemesh and personally apologized to the families of the murdered girls.