Netanyahu at Yoni's grave.
Netanyahu at Yoni's grave.Israel news photo: Flash 90

Binyamin and Sarah Netanyahu visited the grave of Yoni Netanyahu, the prime minister's brother, who was killed while commanding the IDF's daring Entebbe raid in 1976.

Netanyahu visits his brother's grave annually, a few days before the Memorial Day for the IDF's Fallen Soldiers. The large scale security arrangements that surround the prime minister's visit make it impossible for him to hold the visit on Memorial Day, because of the discomfort it would cause to all of the other people who come to the cemetery on that day.

Yoni Netanyahu was the first IDF soldier to attain mythical hero status despite being from the "wrong" side of the political divide. He was the son of a "revisionist" family of Herut (Likud) supporters, unlike most of the IDF's early heroes, who were identified with the labor movement in one form or another.

Binyamin Netanyahu doubtless owes some of his political prominence and success to his older brother's mythical status among Israelis.