A landmark ruling on Mohammed al-Dura, the symbol of the Al-Aqsa Intifada, is about to be released this Wednesday, April 3rd, by the French Supreme Court. 

The court case is concerned with the state-owned France 2 TV and one of its senior news producers, Charles Enderlin, and was lodged against Philippe Karsenty, a brave media critic, whom they seek to convict of criminal defamation.  (A reminder: The film shown on TV of Mohammed al-Dura cowering behind his father's back and killed - presumably by IDF bullets - turned out to be doctored; one of the portions cut showed him visibly alive at the end of the event and the place he was in was proven to be out of range of IDF soldeirs).

But unfortunately, the execration of Israel has already worked and the al-Dura shame will never be erased, regardless of the counter-offensives launched by honest journalists anxious to restore the truth in favour of Israel.

Little Mohammed will remain for millions of people around the world the symbol of alleged Israeli barbarism, and for some of demonized Jewish bestiality. The al-Dura affair has become table conversation in Europe's foreign ministries and upper classes.

One of Baghdad's main streets was renamed "The Martyr Mohammed al-Dura Street". Morocco has an al-Dura Park. In Europe's Muslim communities, the Palestinian Arab boy is a legend.

No proof that originates in Israel or in Europe's courts is likely to change infected minds in the Arab world. The damage is immense and it is the fault and responsibility of a French journalist.

As one journalist told Europe I, "the image of Mohammed al-Dura annuls that of the little boy in the Warsaw ghetto".

Very few European journalists doubted the official story of Israeli barbarism and Palestinian innocence. Almost seventy years after the liberation of Auschwitz, Western public opinion moved easily and savagely from blaming the Jews for allegedly brutalizing Palestinian Arab children to equating it with the memory of the victims of the Holocaust and the lessons to be learned from it.

The Israeli establishment is guilty for having underestimated the depth of the myth of "the genocide of the Palestinians". The al-Dura case was used to justify the beheading of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl.

At the beginning of the XXI century, a French-Palestinian joint venture launched in Paris thus resumed the old legend of the "Jewish blood libel". The false Middle Ages ritual infanticide charge was adapted to the Middle East and the "Palestinocide" was seen in the whole world through this disgraced 57-second, heavily edited film of French-Arab propaganda.

Any sensible person should have noticed that since the year 2000, something strange dominates the images of the conflict: the centrality of the figure of the Arab child as the perfect victim of Israel. It is an archaic form of anti-Semitism: Jews kill children, don't they?

The European media won the public opinion war way before al-Dura, when it converted the Palestinian Arabs into the symbols of the world's poor, humiliated and disenfranchised (read Barack Obama's recent speech in Jerusalem).

That's why Western public opinion ignores the fact that the great majority of the Israeli victims of Arab terrorism during the Second Intifada are poor or close to the poverty threshold. Generally, they were people who used the bus instead of a car, shopped at the open air market instead of the supermarket, and lived in the poorer neighborhoods or downtown instead of in the nicer suburbs.

The al-Dura fabrication obscured stories like that of Massoud Mahlouf Allon, who was an observant Jewish immigrant from Morocco. He was mutilated, bludgeoned and beaten to death while giving poor Palestinian Arabs the blankets he had collected from Israelis. The disabled Simcha Arnad was blown up in the seat of his motorized wheelchair in Jerusalem’s Mahane Yehuda open-air market.

Why does the world ignore their martyrdom? Because of the al-Dura hagiography which has been exploited by anti-Semites all over the world. In the society of global communication, images and words are deadly weapons, since these inspire the desire for revenge against the Jews and feed the propaganda in favor of Jihad.

The European media, which fabricated the al-Dura  big lie gives birth daily to a lethal manichaeism which describes the wicked aggressors, embodied by the Israeli soldiers, against the innocent victims, represented by Palestinian Arab children. This is how the media, through the diabolization of Israel, magically turns lies into reality. And public opinion internalizes the ultimate wichcraft: the representation of the Jew as the Master  Criminal.

But we can destroy this new "anti-Semitism by default" by helping Israel to develop a media-battle plan to inundate the world with the truth.