Baby Adelle
Baby AdelleCourtesy: Biton family

The family of Adele Bitton is asking the public for a renewed effort in praying for the 3-year-old's health. The girl was severely injured when terrorists threw rocks at the vehicle she was traveling in near the city of Ariel. The child has already undergone two head surgeries and is listed in life-threatening condition. Her full Hebrew name is Adele Chaya Bat Adva. The family has added an extra middle name, as is traditional in some cases when praying for health and well-being. The mother and two other siblings were moderately injured in the terrorist attack as well. They are thanking the public for the show of moral support.

Adva Biton, Adelle's mother, delivered a stirring message to Arutz Sheva's viewers and readers Sunday.

In an interview with Yoni Kempinski, Adva managed to hold back her tears and deliver a message of strong faith and resolve.

"Thank G-d, we are healthy and sound in body," she said. "I was saved. As you can see, this is a clear miracle by G-d. I and the girls, Avigail and Naama, who are also healthy and sound in body – we have witnessed a string of clear miracles. I believe that G-d will complete this last small miracle, small for Him, and complete this ordeal, which is not a simple one for us.

"I am very strong and it is very important for me to be interviewed and transmit this message to the Nation of Israel. We are in our own private ordeal but I am not taking it there; I think we are being tested as a nation, the wonderful nation of Israel to which we belong.

Adva Biton said that it was important for her to tell the press not to call what happened an accident. "They came to murder us," she said. "They did not throw flowers and feathers at us."

"The medics did not believe that anyone could have survived, when they first arrived," she said as she recalled the minutes that followed the crash, which was caused by an Arab terror ambush.

"I shouted out that I am alive, I am OK, and that the medics should not take care of me. I held Adelle's head to keep the airway open. She was bleeding and gurgling, and I was calling out to the Creator, Shema Yisrael, Hashem is our G-d, Hashem is One. What I am shouting out with all my strength and that I really believe He hears me – I believe He is watching over us as individuals – G-d is with me all the way, in the studies, the births, the marital relations, and by giving me the strength to strengthen people who are not observant.

"And I am asking everyone, anyone with a Jewish soul anywhere in the world… to do something for Adelle's sake. Something small – a good deed, tzedaka, improving something in himself that needs improving, and to pray for the health of Adelle Bat Adva, Adelle Bat Rafi. To raise a great shout in the heavens. I know G-d loves me or He would not have left me here. It's simple."

"As a mother it is very difficult for me, because you see your child and you want to do everything for her. G-d at least gave me the possibility to hold her head. I was trapped. I did the little bit that I could for her. If I could give my life for hers, I would do it. Because every mother would do that for her child."