Ammunition Hill
Ammunition HillHezki Ezra

The city of Jerusalem is planning a memorial for victims of terrorism, to be built on Ammunition Hill (Givat Hatahmoshet).

A planning team led by architect Dov Galya and sculptor Avner Bar Hama presented city officials with details of the plan, including a computer image showing how the memorial is to look when complete.

The memorial will include a large statue, a wall on which victims’ names will be written, and an open area where ceremonies and memorial events can be held.

City Council member Yair Gabbai expressed satisfaction with the plan. “I’m happy that the efforts of the last few years to create a memorial site for Jerusalemites are bearing fruit,” he said, “and that the bereaved families whose loved ones were murdered in terrorist attacks will soon have a dignified, central memorial site.”

“I hope this place will give families hurt by terrorism a place to commemorate their loved ones,” he added. “In addition, we must put up a monument so that visiting representatives from foreign states can understand what the state of Israel is facing.”

Over the years some small memorials have been put up to commemorate victims of individual attacks across the city.