Rabbi Doug Zelden
Rabbi Doug ZeldenHezki Ezra

Arutz Sheva interviewed Rabbi Doug, producer and host of TV's “Taped with Rabbi Doug”, a talk and interview television show broadcast on cable TV throughout the Chicago area.

Rabbi Doug attended the AIPAC 2013 policy conference, which took place in Washington last week.

Rabbi Doug said he was at the conference to gather as much support as possible for the State of Israel.

“Many people think that just because they consider themselves Zionists that they are supporters of Israel, but they don’t realize that it takes numbers and activism to really make a difference,” he said.

“There are approximately 14,000 people here in Washington, DC. If those numbers were 12,000 less, the impact that it would have on the lobbying would certainly be much less. The fact that over 50% of Congress is going to be attending the gala event at the policy conference 2013 is really a sign that these 14,000 delegates have made a difference,” he added.

Every person who considers himself a Zionist and a supporter of Israel should come to AIPAC and be active, said Rabbi Doug.

“If this conference makes such a difference with 14,000, think how much of a difference it would make if there were 17,000 or 18,000 Jewish people from the United States here, showing their support for the State of Israel,” he stated.