Residents of the Yarmouk camp in Damascus ret
Residents of the Yarmouk camp in Damascus retAFP photo

Syrian rebels on Saturday hanged two Arabs registered as “Palestinian refugees” at a camp in Damascus on suspicion of aiding the regime of President Bashar al-Assad, a rights watchdog said, according to AFP.

"Rebels in the Yarmouk camp executed two men accused of cooperating with the regime by identifying targets that were bombed last week," the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

"They were hanged from trees in the camp," added the Observatory, which relies on a network of activists and medics on the ground to collect information. It provided a picture illustrating the hangings, reported AFP.

The Observatory says hangings of people suspected of working for the regime have been reported in Hama and Aleppo, but this was the first time that such an execution was announced along with a picture.

Yarmouk is a suburb of Damascus that began as a refugee camp for Arabs who had fled Israel in times of war, and their descendants. It has become a regular site of clashes between pro- and anti-regime supporters.

Yarmouk became a ghost town in December, with some 90 percent of its people having fled the violence. Many of the residents later returned as the fighting died down.