Rabbi Shteinman
Rabbi ShteinmanFlash 90

In light of recent government proposals widely viewed in the hareidi world as a threat to Torah study, hareidi-religious leader Rabbi Aharon Leib Shteinman issued a call Wednesday to Jewish men to learn Torah for five days straight.

The goal of the Torah marathon is “to cancel the bad decree,” he stated in a letter issued Wednesday.

“I am here to support the Torah scholars,” he said. “To our sorrow, we are all fearful for the fate of those who study Torah, and the young Torah scholars, who are the entire future of the next generation.”

“Everyone should try to add Torah, some by making time for Torah study, yeshiva students by learning more diligently and by using more time for Torah study,” he said. Rabbi Shteinman also advised more careful observance of the Sabbath laws. “And let this bring Heavenly mercy, that there will be no more evil degrees, and we will merit to raise the crown of Torah speedily in our days,” he declared.

Hareidi leaders have expressed deep concern over proposals that would see young hareidi men required to serve in the IDF. Previously, young men could defer the draft in favor of full-time Torah study, and most men in the hareidi world preferred to study Torah full-time for years, until they were no longer eligible to be drafted.

The automatic deferral for Torah students was deemed illegal in a Supreme Court ruling last year.