Arrow launch (file)
Arrow launch (file)IDF Spokesman's Unit

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Monday expressed his satisfaction as the successful test of the Arrow 3 (in Hebrew: Hetz 3) anti-missile missile earlier in the day. “The successful test expresses Israel's high level of technological capability, our ability to defend ourselves, the capabilities of our defense industries and the Defense Ministry, and of our high level of cooperation with the United States,” Netanyahu said.

The Arrow 3 will be able to intercept ballistic missiles with longer ranges than the ones that Arrow 2 can bring down, and it will do so at higher altitudes. It is part of the multi-layer defense system that is intended to protect the state of Israel, which also includes the Iron Dome system and the Magic Wand system.

The Defense Ministry said that the test was intended to check the flight systems of the missile, which is meant to provide added high-altitude protection against missiles and to solidify the defensive array protecting Israel from the long range missile threat.

Netanyahu added that the success of the system “will enable us to ensure the security of Israelis in any scenario, whether they wish to make peace or oppose peace with us.”