Beitar fans protest Muslim players
Beitar fans protest Muslim playersIsrael news photo: Flash 90

The Beitar Jerusalem football team’s offices were torched overnight in an anonymous attack. There were no injuries, but the building sustained heavy damage.

Firefighters believe the blaze started with a firebomb hurled into a window near the team’s dressing room.

The building “is our mini museum,” team sources told Walla in response to the attack, “Medals, all sorts of little momentos from all sorts of places.” The room most badly burnt was the one in which players sleep during breaks in training, they added.

“How far have people gone with their extremism? What is next – a bomb?” they asked.

The attack comes as Beitar faces protests from some fans over the decision to add two Muslim players from Chechnya to the team. While the Beitar team’s youth movement welcomed the two with flowers, a small group of adult fans have harassed the players during practice over the two weeks since they joined the team.