The arab growth rate is slowing but still out
The arab growth rate is slowing but still outReuters

Population data for 2011 released by the Central Bureau of Statistics Monday revealed that while the growth rate of the Arab population in Israel continues to decline, it is still somewhat higher than that of the Jewish population in the country.`

With the addition of 141,500 people in 2011, Israel's population rose to 7.836 million, an increase of 1.8%. The net growth was made up of 125,500 births and 16,600 new immigrants (after those who emigrated from Israel were deducted)

While the Jewish population grew by 1.7%, the Arab population grew by 2.4%. The overall Arab growth rate has been in a decline since 2000 when it reached an estimated 3.8% growth, but the rate continues to be higher than that of the Jewish population. If the downtrend for the Arab population continues, extrapolations predict eventual equality in population growth.

CBS noted that the growth rate of the total population in 2011 reflects a relative stability in the growth rate of the country over the past decade, similar to the 1980's when immigration rates were among the lowest in the history of the state. By contrast, during the 1990's the growth rate in Israel was about 3% on average per year.