The disturbing video of dozens of Arabs ganging up on two hassidic Jews near Jerusalem's Damascus Gate has been making shock waves since it was featured by Arutz Sheva Saturday evening.

Tens of thousands of people have viewed the video of the humiliation of the Jews, which many find reminiscent of 1930s Berlin – and not something they ever expected to see in a sovereign Jewish country. The Arabs can be seen hounding the two Jews, hurling chunks of snow into their faces, kicking one of them and removing the hat from the head of the other.

While the news channels with the highest ratings still insist upon ignoring the video, Maariv/NRG and Channel 10 have featured it in their news reports. Channel 10 also interviewed one of the two victims, who described his feelings of fear and humiliation during the incident. The two yeshiva students had been on their way back from prayers at the Kotel.

Police Jerusalem District Spokesman Shmulik Ben Rubi told Arutz Sheva Monday morning that the police have launched an investigation into the video and are trying to locate the people featured in it.