MK Michael Ben Ari (Otzma Leyisrael) shared the video of Arabs ganging up on two Jews at Jerusalem's Shechem Gate (Damascus Gate) with his Facebook subscribers Sunday.

"This is not 1930s Europe," he wrote. "This is from here, in Jerusalem, the capital of Israel.

"Arab marauders, attacking Jews and humiliating them, with the self-confidence that no one will stop them.

"It does not just occur in Jerusalem. It turns out that the ones under occupation are us. In the Galilee, the Negev, Haifa, Afula, and Tel Aviv as well."

"This must be stopped," he added. "We must bring back power to Israel."

"Power to Israel," in Hebrew, is the name of MK Ben Ari's Knesset list – Otzma Leyisrael. Polls show the list, which is headed by MK Aryeh Eldad along with Ben Ari, possibly entering the next Knesset. 

The disturbing video shows a group of about 20 Arabs harassing and humiliating two Hareidi-religious Jews, kicking them and throwing snowballs in their faces at close range. Twice in the 75-second video, one of the Jews is seen slipping and falling. At another point, an attacker removes the hat of one of the victims.

The video has apparently not been featured at all on Israel's television channels 1 and 2, which seem to only play up incidents in which Jews attack Arabs. It did appear on the Channel 10 news website, as part of a report about "violent snow fights between Jews and Arabs in Jerusalem."

An Arabic-language website features additional pictures of similar attacks, including the humiliation of a Border Policeman.