Arabs on IDF jeep
Arabs on IDF jeepScreenshot

A senior officer in the Judea and Samaria Brigade said Thursday afternoon that contrary to reports in the press, no IDF or Border Police force retreated from any activity earlier in the day.

The officer explained that the activity took place in daylight in order to arrest a wanted suspect. In the course of the activity, local residents rioted, and another terror activist was arrested instead of the one the force had intended to arrest.

The officer said that the IDF has recently been operating during daylight hours almost every day inside "Areas A" and in cities under Palestinian Authority control. This increases friction, he said, but under no circumstances did the forces retreat or run away.

A video uploaded by Arabs from Jenin shows an IDF force leaving the city. Several Arabs are seen perched atop a moving jeep. Such sights were very unusual in past years, but have become increasingly common in recent years, as Arabs appear to have lost much of their fear of the IDF, which is severely limited by leftist attorneys regarding when it may open fire.

The IDF has reportedly been cracking down on Hamas terror activists in Judea and Samaria in order to prevent Hamas from carrying out plans to increase its influence and carry out violence in that area.