IDF preparations for attack.
IDF preparations for attack.IDF Spokesman

Seventeen soldiers from the Golani Brigade's 12th Battalion were court-martialed Thursday after they abandoned an outpost on Mount Hermon, leaving it unmanned for 90 minutes. They were sentenced to one week in jail.

The soldiers abandoned the outpost because, they said, their commanders treated them in a humiliating and condescending way. They descended from the outpost and reached the Hermon ski site's cashiers. After talking to their Regiment Commander and lower-ranked commanders, they agreed to return to the outpost.

They have been court-martialed and sent for 7 days in jail.

The father of one of the soldiers told IDF Radio: "The soldiers of the entire company took their bags and meant to run away, homeward."

"I sat with them and heard quite a few complaints, mainly about the attitude of the Company Commander," he explained. "We, the parents, told them to bite their lips and continue to serve, and things will work out."

The IDF issued a statement to the effect that "at no point were the outpost's security precautions compromised."