Arab rioters (file)
Arab rioters (file)Binyamin Residents' Council

Daily, there are security incidents that do not make it to the media, but that doesn't make them less serious, according to a top security officer in the Binyamin region. Taken together, he told Arutz Sheva, these incidents could amount to the opening of a new Arab intifada uprising.

According to the officer, who is responsible for security in the town of Horsha in Binyamin, Arabs have in recent months greatly increased their attempts to attack Jews. The attacks have consisted of brick and stone attacks by Arabs against Israeli drivers, attempts to kidnap Israelis, riots and unrest, and Arab destruction of Jewish farms and fields.

The most serious incident recently, the officer said, was a major riot that occurred near the town of Neria. Arab youths gather near one of the town's neighborhoods almost daily to throw rocks, when they get out of school, the officer said.

With that, the officer said, he has noticed an increased IDF presence in the area in recent days, and more confrontations between rioters and soldiers. The army, he said, should not minimize the importance of nipping “small incidents” in the bud. “Our experience showed that the first and second intifadas started with 'small things' like rock throwing. I served in Gaza during the first intifada, and I personally observed how the 'kids' throwing rocks grew up to be full-grown terrorists, who today are firing Fajr rockets at us. The army must intervene and stop these incidents now, when they are still 'small.'”