Handguns turned in are seen during a gun buyb
Handguns turned in are seen during a gun buybReuters

Times are changing in the US, where children’s clothes “in-fashion” includes bulletproof vests and backpacks as mass murders become routine.

A bulletproof clothing designer in Colombia has launched a new line of bulletproof clothes, the London Daily Mail reported.

The lightweight clothes can protect children from bullets from a pistol or even a sub-machine gun and protect them from meeting the same deadly fate of 20 children in the Sandy Hook school massacre two weeks ago.

The clothes primarily are designed for businessmen and government officials around the world, especially in crime-ridden Mexico and South America.

Shootings at schools and malls have become commonplace in the United States, where dozens of people were killed the past year in headline-grabbing massacres, not including daily murder of victims of theft or rape.

Bogota businessman Miguel Caballero, who has advertised his clothing line by shooting at employees at close range while they wear protective clothing, said his products cost up to several thousand dollars.   

A lightweight child-sized vest costs $600 – and comes in a variety of colors, but an American-made model is priced for $100 less.

Even so, the vests won’t stop the bullets used by the Sandy Hook killer, who shot .223 caliber bullets from an AR-15 assault rifle.